3 Wheel Scooters For Kids

Before making the jump to learning how to ride a bike, a 3-wheeled scooter can be perfect for children who want stability and to improve their confidence somewhat. Since it doesn’t take long to learn, they will be up and riding in no time on a scooter that has been designed for children of all sizes. Nowadays, the market boasts a number of scooters that vary in size depending on your child’s needs. Furthermore, you will also find numerous colors.

In terms of design, they will normally be light to carry and some even fold which means that even children can carry it around. With handlebars full of grip and a secure brake, they will soon have full control and you can have peace of mind knowing that it is easy to ride. Although they do require a little practice, they are easier to ride than bikes which can get them used to travelling on wheels. After a few attempts, they will soon get the hang of what they need to do to remain upright and travelling forwards as well as turning round corners!

Two or Three Wheels? – With so many different designs on the market, many parents ask the same question – should I go for two or three wheels? In truth, there are two key factors that affect this decision;

Turning – Rather than a normal handlebar, 3-wheeled scooters use weight to turn which means that your child needs to lean in the direct in which they wish to turn. If they have had a 3-wheeled scooter before, this won’t be a problem; even if they haven’t, it will only take a little practice to really get going.

On 2-wheeled scooters, they steer using handlebars like a bike. If you want to get your child used to using the handlebars to steer, you might want to go for this option but there is also another factor to consider.

Stability – If you are looking to give your child confidence on wheels, 3-wheeled options are superb because they offer stability in abundance. Since they stand up on their own, your child will only fall off if they lose balance themselves because the scooter will remain stable. If your child is slightly older and can balance well, 2-wheeled scooters may be better.

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