Electric Scooters For Kids

Scooters are something that every kid love, and which become a fond childhood memory. On the other hand, electric scooters add a lot more to this, creating a memorable experience. Electric Scooters have a higher performance, are faster, and basically well, they are electric scooters! Here are a few electric scooters that your kids would absolutely love and thank you for getting them these amazing vehicles early on in their lives.

Zinc Volt 200 Electric Scooter

The scooter provides a very smooth ride and would never be hindered with its performance no matter what the weight is. The battery, however, only lasts an hour and a half, with a distance of 15 miles per hour, and also it would take five hours to charge. The breaks on this scooter are great. However, put together, this scooter is really heavy, but it’s suitable for ages from 8 and above with a fixed handle bar.

Razor E300 electric scooter

Razor is known for producing some of the best scooters in the world with E300 being one of the best electric scooters out there in the market. Not to mention the scooter is jam-packed with amazing features, such as retractable kickstand and smooth breaks. Also, the scooter is quite wide and heavy, allowing a weight of around 220 pounds to be easily carried by it. All in all, this is an amazing scooter on which parents could invest in without any hesitations. The only downside seems to be the poor battery life: with a full charge, the battery on the scooter could go for up to 40 minutes.

Glion Dolly Foldable kids Electric Scooter

This is one of the most attractive and easy to carry scooters out there in the market. The scooter has an amazingly strong motor which makes no noise when it’s running and has very high power lithium ion battery. Not to mention the anti-lock and electronic brake system, which is absolutely perfect for kids and adds extra protection for them.


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