Best Scooters For 3 Year Olds

Kids love nothing more than the freedom to be carefree outside. Scooters offer them the ability to travel where they want without the risks that come with learning to ride a bike for the first time. No matter where you live, a nearby sidewalk is all you need to start having some fun outside on a high quality scooter.

It doesn’t matter what kind of balance skills your child has, there is a scooter that can work for them. Most of the models for three year olds offer plenty of stability through big wheels and sturdy platforms, but they also teach the basics of steering that come in handy when they get older.

Choosing the perfect scooter for your child might be a difficult decision, but these four models have everything you are looking for. With the ease of use of a tricycle but all the fun of a tricked out skateboard, these scooters will keep your kid entertained and outside for hours at a time.

Micro Mini Kick Scooter

Classic kids need a ride they can depend on, and the Micro Mini fits the bill. As the highest rated scooter available for kids 2-5, this dependable ride is easy to steer and equipped with non-marking tires that ensure a quiet ride. Like with bigger scooters, steering happens by shifting body weight into turns, which gives your child good foundational skills for a bigger scooter someday. Kids love surfing down the sidewalk on this scooter so much they won’t even realize how much exercise they’re getting. Despite its maneuverability, this scooter is tricky to tip, meaning little ones will have their fun without risk of coming in with a skinned knee.

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Globber Primo 3 Wheel Adjustable Height Scooter

If you want to get a scooter that will grow with your child, the Globber is a smart bet. Featuring a fully adjustable handlebar and easily able to bear up to 110 pounds, this scooter is safe to ride for kids ages two to six, making it almost double the range of similar scooters. Best of all, a patented secure lock button makes it easy for kids to learn how to steer. With the push of a button, the spring loaded steering mechanisms come free, allowing your child to practice their pivot for smooth tuns without risk. For efficient breaking, the rear wheel breaks are responsive with a single touch.

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PlasmaCar Ride On Toy

Give your kid the gift of gliding with this easy ride toy from PlasmaCar. Not truly a scooter, this innovative toy doesn’t include gears, batteries or pedals; all your kid needs is the confidence to steer. The winner of multiple awards, this ride on toy relies on inertia and centrifugal force to keep your kid moving, all from the effort of turning the steering wheel. It creates an exhilarating ride that can be safely ended by simply taking your hands off the steering wheel to come to a stop. Designed to be used on smooth, flat surfaces, this scooter won’t work well on carpet, grave, grass or sand.

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Vokul Scooter Wheel

Want a toy that can teach your kids the basics of riding a bike AND a scooter all in one? The Vokul Scooter Wheel is exactly what you’re looking for. This high performance scooter comes with a big front wheel that is perfect for learning balance and steering. Falling off is almost impossible, so kids can scoot all around outside in safety while learning the skills they need to ride a bigger scooter someday. This kick scooter is easy to store and ideal for active kids ages two to five.

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