Best Scooters For 4 Years Old

Any activity that gets your kids away from the video games and outside in the sunshine is well worth investing in, which is why buying a scooter is such a smart choice for your four year old. As a way to work to increase balance and fine motor skills, these four scooters simply can’t be beat.

Your kid will love the freedom that their own method of transportation gives them as well as the heart-racing thrill of scooting along the smooth sidewalk. With these four models, safety is the highest concern so parents don’t need to be alarmed.

Traveling on a scooter is an easy way for young kids to get some control over their own lives, and the fresh air and exercise are an added benefit. By investing in a top quality scooter, you can ensure that your kids will have fun on the sidewalks for years to come.

Vokul Adjustable Wheel Deluxe Scooter

The search for a high quality three wheel scooter can end right here. This mini scooter (also nicknamed the Mini Kick) is an easy way for kids ages two to five to master their balance skills and develop fine motor abilities. The triangular 3-Point ABS system of two front wheels and one back one creates better balance and stability without taking away a bit of the fun. Kids will be so eager to ride around they won’t have any idea they’re actually getting exercise. With a detachable handlebar and aluminum frame, this scooter is easy to store and light to carry, making it easy to stow in your car.

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The coolest kids on the block need a scooter that can match their style, and the Ybike GLX certainly delivers. The bold color patterns make this scooter stand out in a crowd, and the “learn and steer” three wheel system ensures that even beginners can soon learn to balance. A built in raised grip surface keeps slippery feet securely in place, and the light weight aluminum handlebars make the scooter easy to store. Easy access rear brakes mean you never need to worry about getting out of control. As a stable scooter for kids under 44 pounds, the GLXV can’t be beat.

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OxGord Scooter Kids Deluxe

Neighborhoods are meant to be explored, and there’s no better way to get around than the OxGord Scooter. This deluxe version is made out of metal and durable nylon, ensuring you get high quality that will last through wear and tear. The T style handle bar easily locks in place, and the unique three wheel design adds stability and safety- all without needing previous scooter experience. As an extra safety measure, an easy-access rear brake ensures that stopping is a cinch. Built to withstand the bumps and bruises of a rough road, this scooter is built to last for years to come.

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Razor Jr Lil Kick Scooter

As one of the best brands of scooter available, this Jr. Razor model doesn’t disappoint. Coming equipped with an extra wide, slip resistant platform, this scooter will keep even nervous riders easily balanced and quickly turning tricks. The study three wheeled design makes it simple to stay upright, and the good sized wheels make even rough roads easy to travel over. A padded T bar adds decoration while keeping little chins safe from accidental bumps. Supporting up to 45 pounds, this scooter is perfect for children ages three and older.

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