Scooters For Kids

Kids need new activity to keep themselves grounded and happy. Learning new things curbs their appetite for life. This is where scooters come into place. These two wheeled vehicle of theirs not only help them ride off to the sunset and learn new things, but also help them find new friends in the park and create fond childhood memories. Below are few of the best scooters for kids that they would absolutely need to make their childhood the best experience.

Maxi Micro deluxe scooter

One of the smoothest scooters out there in the market, this scooter has a great grip and is really easy to handle. It has adjustable handle bars and is strong enough to carry a weight of 70 KG. Not to mention the scooter comes in array of different colors.

Razor beast V5 stunt scooter

This scooter is designed for slightly stronger riders, with its fixed handle bars that are ultra-strong and exceedingly sturdy and are 80 cm wide. The scooter is really stunt friendly and has strong breaks. Known to be suitable for children who are 8 and above but could be great for kids who are even six.

Kiddimoto Valentino Rossi Uzoom-3

This three wheeler scooter is exceedingly easy to maneuver for children. Not only is the scooter very children friendly, it also has adjustable handle bars to accommodate children of every size. Suitable for kids from the age of 3-5. Additionally, the unique sun and the moon design makes the children love the scooter.

Micro Mix Trikxx scooter

This lightweight ultra-flexible scooter makes it really easy for kids to learn new tricks and stunts on this scooter, in the same time allowing you to ride the scooter in speed. Coming from the most well-known scooter companies, and including the option of replaceable pars, this is a go-to scooter for all the parents.

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