Scooters with Seats for Kids

Riding a scooter could be tiring, because you do it mostly when standing up and for kids especially they tend to tire quite easily. Therefore, these great scooters with seats have been designed in order to not tire up your child unnecessarily and give them space to sit while they are riding. And we can assure you this absolutely does not hinder your child’s riding experience and gives them the rest they need while riding. Below is a small description of two of the best seated scooters out there in the market that would absolutely meet your scooting expectations.

Homcom 120W foldable E-scooter for kids

So this scooter is not only used for playing purposes, but also aids you greatly in commuting from one place to another. The scooter is made from sturdy steel and can last up to 10/15 km worth of distance. The scooter has a steel frame and a comfortable padding seat. The breaks on the scooter are hand operating and there is also an adjustable bar and seat height to fit to every child’s size. The scooter also has a retractable kickstand and is easily foldable for better portability.

Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Scooter

Gone are the days when your kid had to ride a scooter in a standing position, Razor, one of the leading brands when it comes to manufacturing scooters, has certainly outdone itself again. The scooter provides a speed of 9mph and has the ability to move in a 360 angle. The frame of the scooter is welded steel and the fork is a Moro steel double crown design also the scooter has rear caster wheels and a chunky pneumatic front wheel. The scooter also has sturdy rubber grips to give that extra added balance to it.

So there you have it: two of the most known and sought after seated scooters in the market. One of them being a standard scooter with a seat while the other a slightly higher performance scooter by the world’s most leading scooter brand. Take your pick, choose whichever you want we assure you that both of these scooters would not disappoint and meet up to all your expectations.

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